Gary The Go-Cart:

Carbon Comes out of the Closet And Wind Blows


The  Gary the Go-Cart series are fictional children's books written in  poetry with rhyme and cadence. They are educational, too. They are about  the environment and based on real science. The y were written to  balance the conversation surrounding energy. “Carbon comes out of the  Closet” shows how carbon dioxide is actually good for the environment  and explains it in a way that is simple enough for a child  to understand. “Wind Blows” details Gary's adventures as he explores  Wind Energy and compares it to Oil and Gas. You might be surprised by  what he learns. BB takes some rather complicated ideas about energy and  makes them simple enough for even a child to understand.  The books will  make you and your child laugh out loud.

About the author

 After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a  degree in Civil Engineering, BB began her career in Lafayette,  Louisiana as an engineer for Amoco in 1980.  A true passion for the  environment led her to begin working for an environmental science  company, which is where she has been for the last several years.  In  2016, BB began writing children’s books about the energy industry  because she believes that there is much misinformation about energy and  the environment and hopes to educate kids and parents alike with fun  stories that are factually accurate. BB is married to Al H Denson and  they have four daughters.  She had no idea that life would take her in  this direction, but she is enjoying the ride and hopes you are too. 

About the Illustrator


Sidnei had  been a graphic designer since 1980. He began his career in Newark,  N.J.  His work included airbrushing in canvas and on walls. Mr. Marques   designed for multiple newspapers and magazines in Brazil. He was the  winner of numerous cartoon competitions in Russia, Germany, London and  Brazil.  Sidnei passed away on January 20, 2017, four days after  completing the illustrations for "Gary the Go-Cart: Carbon Comes out of  the Closet".